Thamil Heritage School of Waterloo Region and Guelph

Non-For-profit Organization – Registration # 1723469

Our History

The Thamil Heritage School was originally formed in Waterloo Region (Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge) in 1989 by concerned Thamil community members to promote and nurture Thamil Language and Culture in the region.  This organization was then re-named as Thamil Heritage School of Waterloo Region and Guelph to include the proud Thamil community from the city of Guelph and was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Organization with Ontario corporation # 1723469  in 2005.

Since the inception of this Organization, with the exception of a few years of dormant time in late 90s, it has been continuously providing Thamil language classes in the regions of Waterloo and Wellington through School board and privately. The organization has proudly transformed many non-Thamil speaking Thamil students in the regions into fluently Thamil speaking proud Thamil Canadians.

The organization also extends its helping hands to those underprivileged Thamil students in the North and East of Sri Lanka under the project named “Thamil Children Education Project”  since 2005.

It also encourages and promotes the new Canadian Thamil artists by providing them opportunities in it’s cultural shows conducted in Waterloo, Wellington regions and in Toronto.

As a Tamil Canadian organization, it also extends the helping hand to it’s Canadian Brothers and Sisters by organizing many events such as Blood Donor Clinic, Hospital Fund-Raising, Walk-A-Thon etc.. to mention a few.